Eigenvalue SoLvers for Petaflop-Applications (ELPA)

The publicly available ELPA library provides highly efficient and highly scalable direct eigensolvers for symmetric matrices.

Though especially designed for use for PetaFlop/s applications solving large problem sizes on massively parallel supercomputers,  ELPA eigensolvers have proven to be also very efficient for smaller matrices.

All major architectures are supported


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Latest News
  • New release 2019.05.001 - June 2019
  • New release 2018.11.001 - Dec 2018
  • ELPA tested by NERSC/Cray
  • New release  2018.05.001 - June 2018


BMBF Projekt 01IH08007
Dez 2008 - Nov 2011

Additional Support by

BMBF Projekt 01IH15001
Feb 2016 - Jan 2019

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