The following companies (in alphabetical order) have been contributing to the ELPA library.

  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

  • International Buisness Machine Corporation (IBM)

  • Intel Corporation

  • Lenovo Group Limited

  • Nvidia Corporation

We are very grateful for the valuable contributions and early-access to hardware.

Researchers of the following universities, research institutes and HPC centers (in alphabetical order, and including the institutions from the ELPA consortium) have been adding contributions to the ELPA library.

  • Argonne Natinal Laboratoy

  • Duke University

  • Fritz-Haber Institute

  • FZ Juelich

  • Leibniz Rechenzentrum

  • MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems

  • MPI for Mathematics in Natural Sciences

  • University Wuppertal

  • Technical University Munich

In case you would also like to contribute to the ELPA library, please follow the possible waye here.