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About ELPA

The computation of selected or all eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric (Hermitian) matrix has high relevance for various scientific disciplines.

For the calculation of a significant part of the eigensystem typically direct eigensolvers are used. For large problems, the eigensystem calculations with existing solvers can become the computational bottleneck.

As a consequence, the ELPA project was initiated with the aim to develop and implement an efficient eigenvalue solver for petaflop applications, supported by the German Federal Government, through BMBF Grant 01IH08007, from Dec 2008 to Nov 2011.

The challenging task has been addressed through a multi-disciplinary consortium of partners with complementary skills in different areas.

As project outcome, the highly scalable and efficient direct eigensolvers ELPA have been developed. The ELPA library was publicly released in May 2011.

After the end of BMBF Grant 01IH08007 in Nov 2011, the ELPA library has been maintained by RZG - renamed to MPCDF in 2015.

Through the BMBF Grant 01IH15001 (Project ELPA-AEO from Feb 2016 to Jan 2019) the ELPA library has been further optimized, enhanced and ported to new architectures.

Since the end of BMBF Grant 01IH15001 in Jan. 2019, the ELPA library has been maintained by MPCDF.

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